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If you are having an issue with your air conditioner or furnace, or you want to get a new AC unit installed, you need to call the pros. When it comes to any HVAC services, it is best to benefit from the expertise of a highly reliable heating contractor.

If you live in Crestline, CA or any of the surrounding areas, listed below, and need help, be sure to make us your trusted air conditioning contractor and let us exceed your expectations! We have the required expertise, tools, and equipment to go above and beyond your highest expectations.

Whether it comes to heating installation or air conditioning repair service, our specialists are ready and eager to help. Keep in mind that we serve the entire Lake Arrowhead area, including:

  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Twin Peaks
  • Running Springs
  • Sky Forest
  • Highland
  • East Highland
  • Cedar Glen
  • Crest Park
  • Rain Forest
  • Agua Fria
  • Cedar Pines Park
  • Valley View Park
  • Skyland

Do you want to learn more about Dan Seeley's Heating & Air Conditioning or do you simply need professional advice? Call us at (909) 338-3495 and let us assist you! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the quality service you need.

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  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • HVAC Installation

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